Police BARN MEET for Hart Rural

You are invited to attend a Police BARN MEET for Hart Rural – this coming Thursday 3rd February at 6pm at Rotherwick Village Hall.

It’s aimed particularly at those involved in the rural economy, who are likely to be involved with / interested in, rural policing.

So landowners, gamekeepers, farmers, other rural businesses or interest groups – or anyone with horses – noting one of the key speakers is Rachael Terry, equine liaison.

Heckfield Parish Council is ‘supporting’ the event by booking the venue and helping to promote it.  This event was originally booked for Highfield House in January, but a late change of date and time meant we also had to change venue – hence Rotherwick Village Hall.

The Police BARN MEET poster, together with one which has a bit more background are attached. barn meet-Rotherwick-3rd Feb-

If you are interested in attending, please if possible let the Clerk at Heckfield Parish Council know by email to [email protected].